Pej-trends AW 11/12 – DECOR DELIGHT

Delight décor is a tribute to the return of decoration. The theme has elements from vintage, blowers, ballet, boheme and the old Persia.

Colors:  classic red, Persian red,  flamingo-pink, coral, honey-yellow, light orange, oak colored brown.
-mahogany brown, light and dark purple.

Prints and patterns: Large floral prints, birds and feather prints, print with water structure, wallpaper with ornament structure and 3d structure.

Materials:  Silk ribbon, glass beads, velvet, leather, fur, feathers, beadwork, silk, tulle, wool, felt, porcelain, crystal, colored plexi, oak, mahogany. 

Interior: A romantic style, big pillows, stools, furniture with drawn buttons, padded hearboards and bedspreads and rugs with floralpatterns. 

Green gate




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